Creativity and innovation doesn’t grow on trees.

We at 5DMG are working on creative and innovative projects every single day. With over 10 years of experience, it is our passion to create, consult and develop innovative products.

Our Cloud Solutions

Nexorg - Collaboration and cloud storage

Sharing files and collaborating on content. Nexorg combines simple rights management, sharing your content inside and outside of your company, as well as assigning todos and checking up on appointments in your calendar. A full grown API lets you decide, what you need nexorg to do for you.

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nexorg explained

Share Files Easily.

SicherTransfer is the simplest and securest way to send files, with german security standards. Create your own account for your company and your private life.

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5DMG Our Core Services

Cloud Services

From simple and secure file exchanges, to complex cloud collaboration and project management software. We have it all. Our own API and white label solution can supply the best services possible to your company.


We make your problem work. You can benefit from the vast and detailed experience of 5DMG. From web services, mobile apps, we can offer you solutions and make you work more efficient.


You are looking for a strong partner to make your IT-Project work? We stay on your side, from the beginning till the end of the project. From strategic consulting, marketing, SEO to project management, we are focusing to go the full journey with our clients.

Branding & Design

You need a new corporate identity or are board of your old one? No worries, just contact us and we will consult you in what we can do for you.

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